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Rubbers - Thickness

Which thickness shall I choose? What is better, a thick sponge or a thin one?
Sports Madison explains you some of the most common rules to avoid mistakes when choosing the thickness of the sponge that best suits your playing style.
The design of the equipment is merely a matter of taste. The most important thing is the right combination of blade and rubber sheet. Adjust your blade to the properties of the rubber sheets. You, of course, don’t have to use the same rubber on both sides. For example, the strength of your forehand should be used in the best possible way, so that you are able to compensate for any weakness on your backhand. The right rubber sheet can perform miracles
We recommend you:

DEF and DEF+
On these strategies you should choose from 0.5mm to 1.5mm sponge thickness. You will be able to hit with excellence control, to cut, to play short and also to suddenly attack (specially with your backhand). Allows all kind of defensive strokes. It is normally played with reversed rubbers, anti spin, long pimples or even mid-long pimples.

ALL and ALL+
You should choose from 1.5mm to 1.8mm. You will be able to hit with good control, to block and also produce several type of spins. Limited speed with high precission is easy to get even with 2.0mm. It is basically linked to reverse rubbers and, sometimes, combined with pimples on one side.

OFF-, OFF and OFF+
From 1.9mm to 2.5mm (Maximum) for developping all kind of offensive strokes. You will be able to attack sharply, counter-attack, smash and produce heavy topspins with different spin levels. On these strategies the most important is reach the maximum speed and so control is limited and reached when using not very fast blades and choose rubbers with les thickness.
The rubber must be reversed and, rearely a short pimple.