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Producing a blade

Making a table tennis blade is a craft.
A skilled blade maker must be able to combine the various types of wood optimally, work the materials without losing the properties of the wood, ensure perfect accuracy in the tiniest details and possess a "feel" for wood. This craft should be combined with modern production technology and deep table tennis knowledge to be able to develop blades of the absolute highest standards.

YASAKA's blades are produced in Sweden and they are the result of collaboration between professionals:
The blade maker and most experienced players and coaches in the world. All YASAKA blades are developed and produced in Sweden, by an experienced, highly motivated and quality conscious workforce, operating in facilities equipped with the latest wood processing machines.

There are basically two factors that determine the performance of a table tennis blade:
- The quality and playing characteristics of the plywood
- The design (shape, length, wideness) of the grip, and the shape of the blade (plywood).

YASAKA offers a complete assortment of blades, with top quality, designed to suit every kind of playing style. Each model has its own unique speed, control and sweet spot characteristics. The handles designs are based on long time experience and discussions with coaches and players. YASAKA offers straight, concave and anatomic handles on all models. Pen holder grips are available on most models.

The shape of the YASAKA blades is designed to get the optimal combination of power, feeling and center of gravity, which gives the famous "YASAKA balance".