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Playing estrategies

Prior to choose a blade and rubbers, you must first know your style of playing.
Sports Madison has differentiated all products according to one of next 7 categories depending on your playing style

Classic defensive player with excellent control when playing and that causes many forced errors to his/her opponent due to continuous variations in the spin and the placement of his/her defensive strokes. They use to play with anti-top or long pimples out rubbers. They play with DEF or DEF+ blades. If using long pimples, the thickness of the sponge use to be maximum1.0/1.5mm and many use to play with no sponge.

Defensive players with unexpected attacks. The opponent never knows when they are going to attack which makes it very difficult to play against them. They need sticky rubbers with a lot of spin and control but also slightly fast. Sponge thickness never goes over 1.6mm to allow spin variations. Blade wise, they play with DEF+ or ALL-, depending on the speed of their strokes.

This type of player combines offensive and defensive game, mainly using topspin and cuts. They use their backside mainly for blocking, being more offensive with their forehand strokes. They use ALL-, ALL+ and OFF- blades and allround rubbers, with perfect equilibrium between speed, spin and control. Thickness rubber use to be between 1.5 and 1.9mm.

This is the biggest category including players of all levels. Products used are very well balanced. It is required to have a good control to be able to combine different types of strokes and speed. Players within this category prefer to use medium, soft and extra-soft rubbers with thickness till 2.0mm. They use very elastic and dynamic blades sometimes with different materials on the handle.

These players attack close to the table, always using top spins combined with blocks. They also serve extraordinary well, with lot of spin which allows them to start every point with advantage. They use OFF- and OFF blades and basically dynamic rubbers with minimum thickness 1.9mm. Sponge hardness can be very soft, soft or medium.
These players produce aggressive topspins both with forehand and backhand alternating them with fast strokes, loops, active blocks and flips. The players get the initiative at the first opportunity. Many popular players use this strategy. They play with OFF blades and also OFF+, using speedy rubbers of hardness from 40 to 47 degrees. Elastic rubbers are highly recommended by this type of players (using 1.9mm or more).

If you love speed and it is your main weapon in the game, you need this category. Strokes are very quick, fast, powerful and very technical. Rubbers are very thick and with hard sponges (45-50 degrees) with high rebound properties and many of them very spinny. Blades used are OFF and OFF+ and rubbers 2.1mm or MAX.