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Blades - Handle Styles

You can choose one out of six different blade handles. Not all blades can be found in these 6 handles because it depends on each blade produced but as a general rule you can find european handles and asian handles.

Asian handles are used by players that basically play table tennis with only one blade side. Their focus lies mainly on a wide variation of different wrist techniques
- 1. PEN CH (Penholder Chinese)
Conical design. Short style.

The european handles are:
- 2. AN (Anatomical or WINNER)
The anatomic grip is shaped to fit perfectly in one’s palm. Recommended for larger hands it seems relatively thick and allows a firm grip

- 3 and 4. FL (Concave/Flared LEGEND or MASTER)
With the shape of a swallow’s tail, the flared grip prevents the blade from slipping. It lies firmly in one’s palm, yet it is relatively flexible

- 5. ST (Straight or CLASSIC)
The straight handle supports every blade grip with emphasis on an active use of the wrist.

- 6. CO (Conical or CHAMP)
Exclusive handle from STIGA very comfortable and widely recommended. The Champ grip is a handle that feels very comfortable in the hand. The grip is thinner at the top and wider at the bottom. This grip is very good for players who are in between to choose a flared or a straight grip.

The choice of the handle is a very personal decision.
In our compact description you can see the available handle shapes of each blade. There is no “best handle”, everyone has to choose their handle to their own taste. Straight handles normally are held more “loose”, concave and anatomic ones are held relatively “firm” in the hand. Handles which are not lacquered are naturally more sweat absorbing.